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The new energy market of automobile is booming, which is a key event affecting the living environment of all mankind in the future. Every country wants to play a role in this area that reflects the level of high-tech development. Developed countries have taken the automotive new energy industry as an important factor to meet the development requirements of The Times and promote the optimization of industrial structure. At the same time, intelligent manufacturing industry is also an industry that will develop vigorously in the future global evolution with the improvement of industrial level and aging of population. The combination of the two has brought new industry opportunities and development direction. As a leading developing country, China is more likely to make greater achievements in this field. Ai comes easily to the intelligent science and technology, to cater to the world development trend, constantly optimize the corporate strategy, is committed to new energy automobile powertrain assembly system service underpins the development of the company, in order to realize the moxa easy to become the world's new energy power system and equipment service providers vision, constantly thinking and innovation, implement all kinds of changes, the fast delivery of the new energy industry, Spiral iteration, on-site fast service and other customer requirements. Company's products using the whole line of intelligent control, to ensure stable and efficient operation, for clients to realize highly efficient, the whole process of quality control, low cost, flexible production, fast delivery, and other core requirements, help customers to achieve maximum economic efficiency and the input and output, contributing to society and the development of intelligent manufacturing their own wisdom and strength.

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